Glinton Sweeting O’Brien (GSO) was pleased to sponsor the participation of a group of students and teachers from local public schools in Transforming Spaces’ recent 12th Annual Art Tour.

Participants from CH Reeves High School and a cross section of students from ‘FOCUS’, a programme of the Lyford Cay Foundation, along with GSO attorneys and management, had a dedicated bus traveling from venue to venue and visited six participating galleries and spaces in Nassau.

FOCUS, a programme of the Lyford Cay Foundation, recruits fourth grade students from public primary schools (Albury Sayle, Gambier, Oakes Field, Stephen Dillet, T. G. Glover and Woodcock) and is a tuition-free, out-of-school-time programme aimed at college readiness and access.

“Our students enjoyed a day of adventure through art with members of the GSO team at Transforming Spaces.  We are grateful for their generosity in providing this unique experience” said Felicity Humblestone, FOCUS Programme Director and participant on the tour.

The galleries featured a variety of mediums from sophisticated 3D glazed clay to a special presentation of abstract art as well as custom jewellery; there were also images highlighting social issues in the community.  The art students took advantage of the opportunity to interact with the artists, discussing a wide range of topics including their techniques, inspiration and the significance of their work.

“I loved the D’Aguilar museum and that the artists worked together at the same time on the Jammin’ series which Antonius Roberts explained to us in detail,” stated an H.O. Nash Grade 8 student.  Another student remarked, “I loved that the artists were available and shared their inspiration.”

In addition to the artists sharing their work and inspiration, some demonstrated or mimicked techniques with student participation.  A student from CH Reeves particularly enjoyed the print screening demo by John Cox, calling it “wonderful”.  Another exhibit that made a significant impact on the group was Carissa Rho’s creation of detailed and realistic miniature food.

GSO attorney Johanna Mayson emphasized the delight in “witnessing students’ realization of the many perspectives, genres and mediums of art through the artists’ eyes and that their unique skills are a path to personal accomplishments that become treasured gifts as well as providing a potential career path.“


GSO supports a variety of local causes to improve the community with a special focus on the arts, education, cancer treatment and prevention, and the environment. This year was the firm’s second time participating and sponsoring a group of students and teachers from public schools in New Providence.